style: Death Metal

founded: 2004

country: Germany

town: Annaberg-Buchholz

The ore mountains (Saxony/Germany) – a more than 800 years old industrial
area at the border between Germany and northern Czech Republic, well
known for the mining of various ores like silver and tin.
No surprise that it is “metal” what enriches the blood of the
natives – for example the boys of EPIDEMIC SCORN.

The band consists of five musicians, located nearby the city of
Annaberg-Buchholz; they alle have plenty of life and stage experience
and can look back at performances in Czech Republic, France,
Malta and some other countries.

The bands figureheads are the three!!! guitarists Jörn, Micha and Flo,
which are cutting melodious and rhythmical like a huge thrill through
the songs.

“Osher”, the band´s singer born in “Riesa – steel city”, proudly
proclaims the message of the songs like a growling thunder.

At this he is supported by Philipp and his unyielding high-/midspeed

Influenced by modern styles, EPIDEMIC SCORN sticks
to Death Metal almost since 2004. The band knows to impress with a
mixture of uncompromising brutality and varied parts to mosh.
All this maybe comes from their origin and the “metal” enriching their blood.